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We are a family owned business founded by Silvana Marroche in the summer of 2000 after her 6 year-old son Sebastian experienced a skin break out from using a well-known commercial bath soap.
Sebastian's skin issues were remedied by the use of handmade clean skin products that Silvana made, by following a practice of Phytotherapy she grew up with, that has been in her family for generations. All created in her home kitchen in Long Beach California.

In 2009 with deep sadness Silvana's mom passed away from breast cancer, yet the practice remains and today, we at Forest Nymphs continue to practice the Uruguay holistic tradition, of Phytotherapy, Energy Healing and Energy work.

We believe that eating fresh, whole foods, is better than filling our bodies with the fakes, processed ones or popping vitamins and antioxidants.
We believe in an animal free diet, in a cruelty free, drug free way of living, and we feel the same about our products.
We hand make all our products free of, preservatives free of "wanna be's”, free of junk.

Our products are handmade by Silvana, Owner., Reiki Master, and by healers at the correct moon times, in a music filled environment with positive vibes, infused with Reiki Energy by Certified Reiki Master healers with lots of Light and LOVE.

We test our products on our families, friends, husbands, wives NOT on animals

How you take care of your skin will show....Why use junk when you don't have to?

At FOREST NYMPHS we aspire to make it simple, accessible while having fun! We hope we are achieving for you to do just that…naturally!


Silvana Marroche, LCMT, CRM.,CAT
Licensed Certfied Holistic Massage Therapist
Certified Reiki Master
Certified Aromatherapist
Forest Nymphs Owner / Creator

If you are interested in selling Forest Nymphs products in your store, salon, spa, shop please contact me via email at: forestnymphsveganbathandbody [!at] gmail.com
along with your tax ID and reseller permit

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